Private Luxury Garages at Bleu Ciel

Owning a luxury condominium at Bleu Ciel means surrounding yourself with the finer things in life. The latest sophisticated home tech, custom closets, world-class spa and fitness center, urban gardens and a 24/7 concierge are just a few of the many unparalleled amenities. Now, Bleu Ciel has partnered with Garage Living of DFW to offer custom garage finishes and storage solutions so residents can truly feel the luxury the moment they arrive home.

The Garage Living experience
Any unfinished garage represents an abundance of design potential. It takes a trusted garage professional like Garage Living, however, to truly realize that potential by applying their considerable expertise and inspired creativity.

The integral components of the “Garage Living experience” that result in beautiful luxury garages include:
elite products and superior customer service
• professional installation using state-of-the art equipment
• a proven track record with thousands of completed makeovers
• inventive garage designs
• a unique understanding of our upscale clientele’s discerning needs

High-end storage solutions for luxury garages
A key element in the design of luxury garages is using effective and visually appealing garage organization and storage solutions.
Custom-fit storage cabinetry like the GL Custom Steel and GL NEOS Elite systems give the space a stylish, high-end appearance, in keeping with the rest of a luxury home’s clean aesthetic. Slat wall storage and specialty storage racks also help to preserve a luxury garage’s pristine visuals. These storage systems project a thoroughly modern look and make it easier for homeowners to organize whatever they’d rather not store in their home.

Beautiful garage flooring
Beautiful luxury garages start from the floor up. That’s why Garage Living makes sure to only use Floortex™, the best garage floor coating on the market. A premium Floortex™ polyaspartic floor coating instantly changes the look and feel of any garage. For a garage to truly be described as “luxury”, a first-rate flooring surface is essential.

Understanding our clients’ unique needs
Garage Living sets itself apart from its competitors by having a unique understanding of the discerning needs of upscale clientele. The floor-to-ceiling garage customization projects they undertake can encompass a wide range of unique and challenging requirements from our clients. Garage designs can be tailored to complement any car’s color scheme and create a stunning environment to showcase their high-end vehicle.

For the empty-nester or aspiring professional moving to a luxury condominium, storage solutions for high-end sports equipment, prized collections, memorabilia or excess home furnishings are a necessity easily integrated into a luxury garage.

Luxury garages befitting of dream homes
Garage Living takes great pride in creating luxury garages that are truly befitting of clients’ luxury condominium.

Does the idea of completing your home’s immaculate look with a luxury garage sound enticing? If so, book a free in-home consultation with one of their design experts to find out what they can do to beautify your garage space.