Meet Miss Maggie – Bleu Ciel’s Favorite Four-Legged Resident

With lushy greens as far as the eyes can see, the Harwood District provides a verdant playground that is pawsitively a dream…especially for our four-legged residents. We sat down with our friend, Miss Maggie, to discuss her new digs, favorite eateries and workout routines.

What is your favorite part about living at Bleu Ciel?
The dog park is the perfect place to get to know all of the new neighbors in the building! I also love getting out to Katy Trail to visit all my squirrel friends who haven’t taken up residence at Bleu Ciel…yet…:)

When you need a patio, which is your go-to in the District?
My favorite spot for yappy hour would have to the bar at The Grove. Pro tip…order the pig ears…they’re the best in town!

Do you have any friends in the building?
I love everyone in the building – they’re all so nice! I must say I’m quite partial to the front desk staff as they always give me treats when I come back from a walk.

What member of the Bleu Ciel concierge team is your favorite?
That’s a tough one because they’re all so nice! I must say that Brooke always brightens up my day because she greets me with a big smile.

What is your ideal weekend in Dallas?
First start with a boiled egg for breakfast then a long walk on the Katy Trail or yoga in the park…downward dog, anyone? Sometimes I prefer a midday snooze in the Marie Gabrielle garden followed by a car ride to White Rock Lake where I can walk around until sunset and see lots of other dogs! Then it’s back home for movie night…snuggles on the couch make for the perfect way to spend a Saturday evening.

Time to unwind…are you heading to the Dog Park or Dog Spa?
Dog Park without a doubt…the onsite dog runs and parks within Harwood District are a man’s best friend’s best friend!

Go-to trend…tennis balls or tennis shoes?
Tennis balls for the win! They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…watch me…!