Man on the Move: Shawn Terry on his Bleu Ciel Lifestyle

No stranger to sky-high aspirations, Shawn Terry is incredibly active within the community. As Co-Founder and Managing Director of MHT Partners, this man on the move constantly keeps himself one step ahead of the curve within his career as well as his lifestyle. As one of our welcomed residents to Bleu Ciel, we sat down with the father of two for a candid discussion on his new home, unique art collection, new pup, Banksy, and the luxury of having direct access to the Katy Trail.

What first attracted to you to the idea of living at Bleu Ciel?
First of all, the location. I love how Bleu Ciel is close to both uptown and downtown Dallas and having access to the Katy Trail is key. Also, the architecture of the building. If you’re going to live in a high-rise, having a view like this with glass exterior is such a huge factor.

What are your top musts when searching for a new home?
Location, view, and neighborhood.

What do you like best about living within the Bleu Ciel community and the Harwood District in general?
I love that the building has green space and will very soon be directly connected to the Katy Trail. I also really value that Harwood International is building additional restaurants within the district.

We hear you have a new addition to the family! How is Banksy enjoying his new digs?
Prior to adopting Banksy, it seemed that my family was the only one in the building without a dog! He enjoys having so many furry friends to play with and the incredible HOA staff in the building who treat him so well. He is also very excited about the new access to Katy Trail.

Your home is full of beautiful art. Can you tell us a little bit about how you chose these pieces and how you opted to balance them within your new home?
Each piece of art we purchased was due to the fact that we were immediately drawn to it. Each piece plays a huge role in the home and was purchased to provoke a positive feeling or emotion. Two of my favorite pieces were purchased in London. One is a large, 5-foot diameter circular acrylic by an African artist which gives the appearance of a satellite image of the Earth. It faces the view of downtown and is meant to evoke our own thoughts about our world and our individual relationship to it. I purchased a unique sculpture in London which is actually a bronzed Japanese Maple. I had dozens of them at my last home. They are my favorite tree and symbolize the beauty of nature. Another piece I have in our new home is a sculpture by a California-based artist, Michael Wilding, and is titled “The Offering.” The sculpture resembles a person kneeling – a reminder to me of my gratitude for the blessings of my life.

Design inspiration is a must for any new home. How did you go about sourcing the right look and feel that fit your lifestyle best?
We wanted our home to feel open and really wanted the furniture, art, and accessories to fit the modern style of the building. The amazing views speak for themselves and therefore we avoided having too many items within the space.

Do you have any recommendations for someone looking to change up their interior design style?
Gonzalo Bueno of Ten Plus Three and his team have assisted me with design. They are incredibly creative and talented – especially for modern and contemporary homes.