Bleu Ciel is rising into the sky to claim its place in the dazzling Dallas skyline. This week, the construction team is building the foundation for the 20th floor of the building, leaving just 13 more floors of exquisite homes to complete. As the team sets the concrete, places the floor-to-ceiling windows and installs the meticulously curated selection of interior finishes, Bleu Ciel buyers are seeing their design dreams come to life. For a limited time as Bleu Ciel continues to rise, you too can still customize your estate in the sky.

Amalgamations are one of a kind floor plans combining two or three Sky Homes in the building to form larger homes. The amalgamated homes are perfect for those moving from a larger suburban house into an urban high-rise. However, these homes are available only for a limited time as the walls to the Sky Homes are installed.
Bleu Ciel offers a selection of three interior finishes – dawn, dusk and midnight. Home buyers can choose their color scheme to match their preference, however as the homes are finished out by Harwood International’s in-house design team, HDF, the window for choosing your own color scheme narrows.
Visit the Bleu Ciel Sales Center to learn more about your future home in the sky or make an appointment with our Sales Team.