Bleu Ciel Concierge: Key to the City

Nathan Watson with two HOA team members.

John Lennon once said a dream you dream alone is only a dream and that a dream you dream together is a reality. This phrase holds truth for Nathan Watson, General Manager of Bleu Ciel, who has watched Harwood’s latest high rise transform from an inception into the picturesque reality it is today. Nathan and his team bring the resort-style living to life with 24/7 concierge team to help make dinner reservations, arrange dinner parties, GEM cars, coordinate cleaning or dog walking services, travel planning, and so much more. As Nathan puts it, “we are the key to the city for our residents.”

We caught up with Nathan to discuss his favorite hobbies, go-to eateries within the Harwood District, and why on earth he is an avid Lakers fan living in Dallas…

I see that you have been the General Manager at Bleu Ciel for over two years…what do you like most about working at Harwood?
I love the fact that the ownership group of HI is very involved and interacts with the HI associates – they treat us like an extension of the family. Each leader is given the incredible opportunity to work with their respective teams to create innovative concepts for HI and doing that with Harwood Living (HOA team of Bleu Ciel) and Bleu Ciel has been a thrill.

What is your favorite feature at Bleu Ciel?
I love my daily interaction with our residents – we offer something that no other high-rise condominiums offer – especially here in Dallas.

What is a fun fact that not many people know about you?
I am a former Youth Minister and have been active in youth ministry since I was in high school – this is something that I am very passionate about.

What are your favorite hobbies…it’s Saturday…what are you up to?
I love sports of all kinds. Being a California kid growing up in the Bay Area, I am a fan of Bay Area sports…except the Warriors. I am a Lakers fan through and through…I guess that is a product of being a kid in the early 80’s and watching the Lakers and Celtics rivalry.

Obviously, you are partial to Bleu Ciel, however, what is another favorite spot you have within the Harwood District?
Dolce Riviera and Saint Ann are fantastic restaurants. I’m really looking forward to the opening of Te Deseo as I love Latin food. In fact, I must admit that I love most foods!

What’s your favorite restaurant in the District …and what are you ordering?
Well, the tricky question is what I would like to eat vs. what I should Give me some loaded fries at Happiest Hour any day. I also love the steak at Saint Ann and any pasta at Dolce Riviera. My favorite dish in Dallas is the lamb at Dolce Riviera.

What are some of your favorite travel destinations…is there one place in particular that you love going to or that might be on your bucket list?
Growing up Catholic, I have two major items on my bucket list – going to Rome and praying in St. Peter’s Basilica and going to Jerusalem. My favorite destination thus far in my life is Western Australia and Tahoe, which was not too far from where I grew up.

Where are you from…do you have a sports team you are a fanatic for?
I grew up in the Almaden Valley in San Jose, California. I played sports as a kid against the now famous Pat Tillman and his brother Kevin. We all knew he was going to be great, he was always beyond all of us growing up! I am a diehard Oakland Raiders, Oakland A’s, LA Lakers, and San Jose Sharks fan. I will be buying season tickets to the Raiders and so look forward to the Sharks taking home the Stanley Cup…finally.

I see from your LinkedIn that you are a father…how many kiddos? Any pets?
I am a father of three. I have two daughters and one son – Rosalie (9), Laurel (6), and Elijah (2). I also have a chocolate Lab mix named Dakota, who is a step dog that I acquired from my wife Kaitlin.

If you had a battle cry …what would it be? Or what is your favorite quote/saying?
I am quite the fan of Shakespeare, so regarding a battle cry…”Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dogs of War,” is a great one. I also like “this above all: to thine own self be true.”