Artist Uprising Opens Gallery No. 704

Coming off the heels of a success “Bleu Mer: Mer Bleu” event, Artist Uprising and Bleu Ciel have partnered again for another enticing new concept, Gallery No. 704. Gallery No. 704 aims to bring the best of the Dallas art scene into Dallas’ best Sky-Rise. Exclusive for residents and visitors of Bleu Ciel, this is an amazing opportunity for residents to get a look at the work of exciting up and coming artists. An even more exciting element, residents will be able to shop the art directly from this gallery and even customize a viewing or commission new artworks.

The pop-up gallery will first feature the work of two Dallas-based artists, Dan Lam and Matthew Brinston. Dan Lam has mesmerized the artworld and Internet alike with her otherworldly alien-like sculptures. She launched onto the art scene amassing 65,000+ followers on Instagram in one year and gaining the attention of galleries all around the world. Her work has shown in galleries from Fort Worth to Sweden with her most recent show “Delicious Monster” in New York City closing in May 2019. She has caught the eye of many celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Lily Aldridge. Made from polyurethane foam, acrylic paint, and epoxy resin these sculptures seem almost alive and are positively trippy and drippy.

Matthew Brinston is another featured artist in Bleu Ciel’s new pop-up gallery. At only 24, he is already creating waves in the art world. Though he has found great success, it has been a bumpy road, to say the least. Given a true second chance at life after a brush with death, he has continued to make the most of it. He has partnered with brands like Vos for the 2019 US Open and had a residency in France. He also has a strong online presence and connection with fans. Sometimes he drops artworks in random places and posts about it for his followers to find. Just this last year, Brinston began selling his artwork out of a vending machine, dubbed the Vending Vessel. This event was a way for him to make his art more accessible.

This gallery is an awe-inspiring amenity for every Bleu Ciel resident. Between shopping new artwork to commissioning a new favorite piece; there are so many opportunities to dip a toe into the Dallas art scene.

Take a peek inside the gallery when on a private tour with our Sales Agents.