A Home of Many Textures by Art of Living MODERN

Bleu Ciel features a new pair of Model Homes, each a unique and carefully curated take by Dallas-based designers. Art of Living MODERN was selected to furnish one of the two featured homes. Complete furnishings really make the place come alive, allowing you a sneak peek at the full potential of your own Bleu Ciel residence.

Art of Living MODERN’s philosophy of “conscious simplicity and sophistication” is beautifully conveyed in this 2,728 model home at Bleu Ciel. Utilizing a minimalist color palette, the lush textures and patterns are the star of the space. Smooth marble, velvety cushions, and a rug you can run your hands through – this home is intriguing to more than just the eye. The neutral palette further serves to emphasize the large art pieces on the walls. From vibrant swirling blues to striking high contrast photography, this space is an art lovers dream. Both sleek and inviting, the space walks a delicate line between cozy and luxurious.

You’re invited to tour this beautiful model home at Bleu Ciel. Visit the Contact page to schedule your tour with our sales team.